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Lengthening Guarantee

Lengthening Guarantee

The main question that comes to the minds of patients who want to have lengthening surgery is; what if something bad happens? As Lengthening Turkey, we've decided to give answer to this question with Lengthening Guarantee.


We are the only medical company that offers Lengthening Guarantee to it's patients during lengthening period and after because normally complication treatments are not covered anywhere in the world. Our patients can take their surgical decisions with peace of mind without thinking if they will do additional payments for the treatments of complications.


All surgery related tests, examinations, consultations and procedures are included in our packages.

No hidden extras.

Treatments of the complications may occur related to your surgery will be done for free by us; for example infection, embolism, noneunion or fracture of the bone. 

But if the patient does not follow our instructions, for example if you have PRECICE surgery and ignore the usage of Walker after surgery against our warnings, and cause your intramedullary rod to break, it is not covered.

Guarantee Limitations:

  • Restricted range of motion of the knees or feet is not covered in our guarantee because it happens due to lack of performing necessary daily stretching exercises (for example ballerina foot in tibia patients)

  • If the patient forgets to lengthen his/her legs for 8-10 days and if bones fuses early then it should, it's not covered in our guarantee.

  • If you smoke cigarettes against our warnings and if your bones have noneunion, it is not covered in our guarantee. Smoking is the first enemy of bone growth.

  • Dislike of the limb ratio is not covered in our guarantee. For example if you think that your arms looks shorter compare to your legs and if you wish to have another surgery to equalize your look, its not covered in our guarantee.

  • If you lengthen your bones more than our recommendation and if you do not follow our lengthening instructions and if this leads to complications it is not covered in our guarantee.

  • If you choose LON IN 17 DAYS or PRECICE IN 17 DAYS packages, you have to send us x-rays for follow up every 15 days. If you do not send us follow up xrays and if this leads any kind of complication, it is not covered in our guarantee

For more questions please reach to us.

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