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Height Dysphoria and Limb Lengthening Surgery

Limb deformities and length discrepancies are the most common cause of limb surgeries. Surgical procedures are used for both medical and cosmetic purposes. Although medical surgeries are necessary, cosmetic surgical procedures are no less important. People who are not happy with their appearance can always choose to go for cosmetic surgeries. There are countless different cosmetic surgeries that help you to improve yourselves as per your desires.

Out of all the cosmetic surgical procedures, limb surgeries like limb lengthening surgeries are the rarest and most complicated. Yet it is becoming more common nowadays. Whether you're born short or feel unhappy with your current limb length due to any other reasons, limb lengthening surgery provides a great solution.

Today, we're going to address how people suffering from height dysphoria and length complexity find comfort after undergoing limb lengthening surgeries.

What's Limb Lengthening Surgery?

Limb lengthening is a cosmetic surgical procedure that is used to correct or fix the limb length according to patients' preferred height proportion without compromising his functions. The limb lengthening surgery can either be done solely for cosmetic purposes, just to improve patients' appearance or it may also be important in terms of medical treatment. ¹

For example, if a patient due to any trauma or injury, loses his balance or if the patient is born with a limb length deformity, doctors can operate on him using length lengthening surgery to solve his issues. As for the cosmetic purposes, common patient concerns are related to improving or balancing his gait, either due to self-preference or to fulfill his aesthetic concerns. ¹

Limb lengthening surgery is a typical surgical process that involves many complexities. Patients usually opt for Limb lengthening surgery because they are more interested in the results of the surgery as compared to the complications that they may have to endure. ²

What Happens In Limb Lengthening Surgery?

The complete surgical procedure of limb lengthening is very critical involving much patience and precision. The process takes time and skills to become a success for a patient. This means that both the patient as well as the reconstructive surgeon must fully trust each other. ²

The surgery starts with breaking up the femur or tibia bone of the patient present in the lower limb by making a small incision on the leg needing surgery. This process is known as osteotomy meaning breaking of the bones. Then, the surgeon inserts a magnetic mechanical rod between the two parts of the broken femur bone of the patient. This rod is capable of lengthening with time using a control system. The rod is inserted and attached into the patient's bone using pins and sutures. ³

An external magnetic device is used to control the lengthening of the inserted telescoping rod which mechanizes the whole gear and helps to move the rod placed inside. The magnet is capable of rotating so the length of the rod increases distancing the two parts of femur bone. Which time the two parts of the bone starts to produce more osteocytes to fill up the gap present between the two parts. Hence the length of the bone increases with time lengthening the overall limb. The whole limb lengthening surgical procedure uses very advanced technology to ensure successful outcomes and avoid complications. ³

Why do people opt for Limb Lengthening Surgery?

People often go for Limb lengthening surgery when they are unhappy with their appearance. They either want to shorten or lengthen their legs to change the size of their natural or current body frame. Usually, limb lengthening surgeries are used to fix the unwanted length discrepancy of the patient. The goal of the surgical procedure is to balance out both of the legs in order to level the body frame as per the patient's demands. Also, balancing the body structure is necessary to prevent other types of backbone, hip or knee joint problems that may result from using legs with unequal limb lengths. ⁴

There can be multiple medical and cosmetic reasons to choose Limb Lengthening Surgery. Such as, balancing your body structure, mental refusal to accept your current body condition (Height dysphoria), social complexity or incompatibility, family pressure from loved ones, etc.¹

What is Height Dysphoria?

Height dysphoria is a specific type of mental anxiety disorder in which the person suffers from a severe disapproval of his physical appearance based on the height of his body frame. ⁴

The patient feels extremely anxious, nervous complexities, and dissatisfaction towards his body height. He fails to accept the fact that he's naturally short/ tall height doesn't affect his beauty standards or his physical appearance. He further complicates things by comparing himself with his friends and others who are taller/ shorter than him and considers them perfect in terms of appearances. ⁵

Height dysphoria is also called height neurosis which is a broader term that includes all kinds of body image related anxiety disorders. The patient suffering from this condition doesn't like his height due to which he stays in constant distress and lives an unhappy life. ⁵

Height Dysphoria

How Does It Affects Your Psychology and Public Reactions?

Height dysphoria is a serious mental condition that involves mental stress due to various cultural or societal norms. Issues related to fulfilling social expectations or career related complexes. Such as if you're into show-business or modeling, you'll likely want a high body frame. Or if you're more into joining the police force or want to serve in the military, they also require high posture and boosted confidence. Limb lengthening procedure can provide that if you're unsure about your body structure or suffering from a career choice dilemma.

People who suffer from height dysphoria may also suffer from the following weaknesses/issues:

● Height Shaming/Height Discrimination

People with short height often get targeted for height shaming or discrimination which can bring feelings of dissatisfaction, and social inadequacy. These people may also suffer lackluster feelings caused by height shaming from friends, coworkers or relatives who randomly make silly jokes or hateful remarks related to height.

● Mental conflicts

The patient who suffers from height dysphoria suffers from a continuous mental conflict which brings feelings of confusion, indecisiveness, and rejection of self-sufficiency. It induces self-loathing and insecurity in the person who may get permanent mental scarring in the form of insomnia, disturbed subconsciousness, bad dreams and unexplained hate towards his life.

● Depression

Height dysphoria may also cause depression or anxiety in people suffering from this kind of body incompetency. This leads to life related dissatisfaction for appearance and other lifelong disturbances in decision making or other important life activities. The patient cannot live a healthy life with depression induced by height dysphoria.

How Can Cosmetic Limb Lengthening Surgery Help You?

Limb lengthening surgery is a best option to reduce an extra-long body frame or extend a shortened height. Although it's an expensive, extensive and somewhat lengthy procedure, it offers a permanent solution to fix your undesirable body frame. It's a cosmetic solution that does not involve any medical complications yet it is occasionally used to treat lymph function problems and other leg disabilities. ⁸

Moreover, the surgery also helps to alleviate psychological mental burden and social pressure from the affected persons. Limb Lengthening Surgery can help you live a more satisfied and happy life. The patient who receives the successful limb lengthening surgery feels more content with his body height frame which relieves his mental stress and improves his anxiety-related psychosis. ⁸

Why Choose Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions for your surgery?

Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions in Istanbul, Turkey provides a way of getting the best medical care and surgical services for patients who want to have cosmetic limb lengthening surgery worldwide. Ever since Lengthening Turkey Height Solutions was founded in 2014, the healthcare company has served more than 1000 patients with successful limb treatments who are now living a continual happy life, extremely pleased with the surgery outcomes. Patients who come here with expectations receive surgical treatment with professional integrity, empathy, warmth and easy communication addressing all their concerns.

We make sure that all our patients leave the center with successful limb lengthening surgeries that benefit them to resolve their mental anxiety, social pressure and physical issues. Our profound team of surgeons and doctors make sure that the patients only receive the best possible results.


Since Limb Lengthening Surgery is a complex medical procedure, it requires the patient to give his health rights to his family and sign off that he understands the technicalities of the surgery and all of its inherent risks. Therefore, before you opt for this surgery, make sure you're fully aware of the process and all the details. The recovery from the limb lengthening surgery may take time depending upon your condition and your age. You should concern your doctor if you want to know what to expect from your leg surgery. We're always here to provide the patient's much-needed support and help. We're also here to answer all of your queries related to Limb Lengthening Surgery.


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